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Important Updates!

Hello to all our faithful friends and supporters. First Light Farm Equine Shelter has been going through a lot of changes over the past several months. All for the good! Though we’ve experienced some down time while we adjusted our sails, we are now getting ready to get back on track and focus on our main objective. Saving horses in compromised situations. Over the past few months we have concentrated on re-homing the horses we currently have. In the most recent days we… have found homes for boB, Merlin and Kitn.

With the census low now, we are going to be launching a capital campaign – our goal? $10K! The reason for this is we want to be able to have all the funds necessary to take in and as importantly, care for as many horses as we can handle. Caring for them includes, hay, grain, vet, farrier, dentist, chiropractor and beyond. We do not want to be in position where don’t have the funds available to feed horses here. So, this is where you come in. Put on your thinking caps! We will be launching our capital campaign in the next few days. Your mission! Make your donation, in whatever amount you can, and then SHARE our campaign – not only on your own page, but any pages you manage or groups you belong to. Try to reach out to everyone you can think of! We can achieve this goal quickly if the right people see it.

Once we’ve reached our goal we will be prepared to start taking in horses in need, and we know that with the weather turning colder and the pastures dying down, we will see many of them.

Please keep us in mind when considering donations. I say this often but it has never been truer than it is now: We can’t do what we do without help from folks like you! STAY TUNED!

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Sal Needs Your Help Please!

First Light Farm Sal the DonkeyHere is Sal, our little Sicilian donkey. After a lot of difficult and heartbreaking soul searching, his adoptive family made the selfless decision to return him to us due to the development of a fast growing sarcoid tumor, and some major personal life changing challenges, as well.

Healing Sal will be a process and costly in terms of surgery, follow-up drugs, care, and human effort. Sal is young, has come home to us in otherwise good health, and we want to make every effort to improve his quality of life and help him to live for many long, happy years. Sal is a joy to be around, and we want him to be able to continue to spread that joy.  Read Sal’s Story

HELP SAL our sweet Sicilian Donkey! Click here for information or to make a donation!

We provide a safe haven for neglected, unwanted and abused horses, ponies and other equines.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of First Light Farm Equine Shelter is to provide a safe haven for horses and other equine species that have become victims of neglect, abuse or abandonment, or whose owners are no longer able to care for them. Our main goal is to rehabilitate and if possible, rehome these animals through a comprehensive adoption process.

Click here to find out why — > Horses are Better than Diamonds! | More Videos

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Saving Even One Horse Does Make A Difference

You might think that saving horses one at a time doesn’t make a big difference; but we know better.  Many of the animals that come into our care had reached the end of the line and would be facing certain death after a long, inhumane drive to a slaughter house, or a slow death from starvation or medical neglect because their owners either would not, or could not provide the love and care all horses deserve.  What We Do It and Why We Do It The fact is, the majority of equine rescues operate on a relatively small scale, and together, we are all making a difference.  There is no down side to helping even one horse — but with your help, we can provide care and hope and a new forever home for many more horses.

We Are An All Volunteer Equine Rescue

There are many other volunteers here at the farm, too numerous to mention. We appreciate the important contributions each of these people make. Without the dedication of our volunteers, FLFES would cease to function! THANK YOU to our awesome volunteers! Learn More About Volunteering

How We Do It (With Your Help)

FLFES is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, non-profit operation. None of the officers, board members or staff is paid. We rely on the generosity of other horse lovers. We also run fundraisers as often as we can, and operate online auctions via our Facebook page. Additionally, we raise cash through sales of FLFES “Swag,” which often includes t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs and other items. Your generous donations are tax deductible, and because we are an all volunteer organization, your donations directly help horses, ponies, donkeys, and other equines in need. Ways You Can Help Horses Too!

What do we do?

First Light Farm Equine Shelter is licensed by the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program. We provide food, care and shelter to horses that have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or whose owners can no longer provide care due to financial or other reasons. Some horses are surrendered directly to the Shelter, while others come through the State Animal Welfare program. Many are under nourished and some have not seen a vet or farrier in a very long time. Our goal is to rehabilitate and re-home these animals. This can take several weeks or several months depending on the horse’s condition and what kind of training or retraining it may need. On average, it costs about $30 per week to feed a horse. This can vary considerably depending on the horse’s size and condition. Other expenses include veterinary care, hoof care, and dental work. These horses need daily attention including grooming, handling, feeding and mucking. FLFES is staffed by volunteers, the only pay they receive is an occasional slobbery kiss from one of our guests and the satisfaction of knowing we are helping our equine friends.  Read more

First Light Farm Equine Shelter is a 501(c)3 non-profit, Licensed by the Maine Animal Welfare Program. We rely solely on donations from generous people like you!


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4 months ago

First Light Farm Equine Shelter

CAN YOU HELP? This is Fanny. She is emaciated, injured, and possibly just lost a baby. She was tossed to auction for the sake of $150. She is in a holdover facility, but they are not equipped to provide the level of care she needs. Maple Hill has medical help and an experienced foster home waiting for her, but needs support for transport to Maine. Transport is arranged for Wednesday. Most of her expenses once she gets here are covered.
Even a small donation will help get Fanny on her road to recovery. Donations to Sanctuary at Maple Hill Farms are tax deductible.
PayPal is MHFSanctuary@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!
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Time to supplement our winter hay supply! As little as $5 buys a bale of hay and HELPS!
PayPal is:1stlightfarm@gmail.com
OR use the DONATE tab on the right hand side of this Facebook page.
The horses THANK YOU!
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First Light Farm Equine Shelter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your generous donations are tax deductible.

Licensed Animal Shelter Facility 7 MRSA 3932-A by the Maine Welfare Program.  Lic# F1091

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